Macchine Description

A great innovation represented by the weighing and the induction cooking system: it cooks, pasteurizes and emulsifies the product at the same time, with considerable savings in terms of time and energy, optimizing the final product to the maximum.

The new large touch-screen display, with simple and intuitive graphics, allows to manage many recipes. Furthermore, the presence of the weighing surface allows a perfect balance of all the ice-cream bases.

3 integrated functions controlled by software:
Weights, Emulsifies, Cooks.

Emulsifing capacity lt 2 – 15
Nominal Power 21/3.1 W 1500
Nominal Power 21/3.2 W 5000
Voltage V 220-230/1/50Hz
Automatic speed regulator r.p.m. 0 – 12000
Dimensions WxDXH mm 480x600x850 – 320x390x90
Net weight kg 53/60

Quantity per cycle and hourly production may change according to the type of mixtures used; the “Max” values refer to the classic Italian spreadable homemade gelato.

– Fruit Blender, to mince fruit

– Whipped cream blender, with pot-holder

– Blender to make oily pastes creamy again, with pot-holder