Macchine Description

What is it?

“Sphere” allows you to voice your fantasy and create unique products and it will lighten your job.

How is it made?

All parts which come into contact with food products (i.e. tank, balls, mixing shaft, pump and pipes) are in stainless steel.
We use only stainless steel suitable for food, which enhances the machine productive efficiency and makes it easier for you to clean and sanitize it.

How will it help you?

• It will help you create new flavours which will surprise your costumers, as well as more professional products.
• The automatic temperature control guarantees an optimal product. Moreover, the critical temperature of some productions is never exceeded.
• In one hour of production, controlled by sensors inside the machine, you will get 20 kg of product, with a refining of less than 20 micron.

Hourly production lt/h 20
Cycle length h 1
Cooling Air
Refrigerant gas R-452A
Power supply V 400/Hz50/3
Power KW 4
Dimensions WxDxH mm 465x855x1100
Net weight kg 293

The technical data and images in this catalog are indicative only and commitment-free used.
The Company reserves the right to make any necessary changes without prior notice.