Macchine Description

What is it?

The Cortina Pasteurizer blends, cooks, pasteurizes, cools, ripens and preserves with the maximum safety all the specialties prepared by pastry chefs, gelato makers, chocolate chefs, and kitchen chefs in their laboratories.

The Cortina Pasteurizer covers the production requirements of 60, 60+60, 120 and 180 liters. The heating and cooling cycles take place with a “bain-marie” process; it is equipped with an electronical display to select your favourite recipes.

How will it help you?

You can prepare gelato bases, yogurt mixes, chocolate or hazelnut mixes. It is possible to select the high pasteurization of 85°C or the low pasteurization of 65°C. In a fully automatic way at the end of the pasteurization cycle, the temperature will drop to + 4°C for the preservation of the mixture.

Time per cycle lt
Refrigerant gas
Voltage HP
Nominal power V
Dimensions  WxDxH KW
Net weight mm

Quantity per cycle and hourly production may change according to the type of mixtures used; the “Max” values refer to the classic Italian spreadable homemade gelato.

• Air cooling and/or 60 Hz frequency