Macchine Description

What is it?

Creamcooker Venezia emulsifies, cooks, pasteurizes, cools down, matures and preserves with the highest safety all the specialities created by confectioners, ice-cream makers, chocolate manufacturers and chefs in their laboratories. Creamcooker Venezia covers the production requirements of 18, 30, 60 and 120 liters.

The cooling and the heating processes are carried out with bain-marie; the stirrer may be set through both preset and manual speed, according to the used product.

How will it help you?

With Creamcooker Venezia you can create any type of cream, from pastry cream to thick pastry zabaione, from topping sauces to the after baking fillings, like those used in “panettoni”, from the semi-finished products for ice-cream shops to the ones for pastry shops, like the concentrated pastes.

MODELS 18 30 60 120
Mixture quantity min-max lt/h 4 – 18 10 – 30 10 – 60 30 – 120
Cooling Water
Cooling gas R 507
Power supply V 400/Hz50/3
Nominal power KW 3 4 8 12
Dimensions WxDxH mm 560x750x1190 605x800x1110 605x800x1110 705x950x1200
Net weight kg 160 200 230 250
1/2 Hot-Cold tank NO NO YES YES

– Air cooling and/or 60 Hz frequency