Macchine Description

What is it?

Pastocrema Pro is a big capacity machine which pasteurizes and emulsifies mixture with a viscosity of more than 5 Pa.s, such as pastry cream and zabaione (without using starches), jams, ripples, toppings, chocolate creams, after baking fillings and much more.

It’s the ideal solution for large laboratories and for the food industry, with a range which covers the production requirements from 200 up to 600 liters. To increase its flexibility it is possible to use only half tank: a special switch allows to quickly select this function and use a smaller quantity of product, with significant energy savings.

Once the temperature of 85°C has been reached, i.e. at the end of the pasteurization cycle, you can decide to maintain the product at that temperature from 0 minutes up to a maximum of 1 hour; or you can cool the product down to 4°C with the possibility to keep it at this temperature for several days, ensuring the correct storage of the mixture.

The stirrer with scraping blades allows a perfect mixing of the various ingredients, through the regulation of the rotating speed, which can be increased or decreased according to one’s needs. The mixer also gives the possibility to adjust the speed regulation, to allow dispersion of pectin and starches or to turn fruits into a soft puree.

How will it help you?

With Pastocrema Pro you can create any type of cream, from pastry cream to thick pastry zabaione, from topping sauces to the after baking fillings, like those used in “panettoni”, from the semi-finished products for gelato shops to the ones for pastry shops, like the concentrated pastes.

MODEL 200 340 400 500 600
Production per cycle lt 230 380 445 540 630
Cooling Water
Refrigerant R 507
Compressor V 400/Hz50/3
Nominal Power KW 13 20 22 27 30
Dimensions WxDxH mm 860×1200

Quantity per cycle and hourly production may change according to the type of mixtures used; the “Max” values refer to the classic Italian spreadable homemade gelato.

Like all Bovo machines, also Pasto Pro is customizable according to each user’s needs. In addition to the many different production capacities and to the possibility to use only half tank, the following optional are also available :

– Remote air-cooled condenser

– Stainless steel grid, to allow the adding of more ingredients during the production cycle 

– Screw mixer, customizable through the addition of a speed regulator to incorporate powders and solid ingredients

– Cylinder to optimize the emulsifing of the mixture up to 500 µm , to getperfect suspended oil-in-water emulsions.

– Grid provided with a special opening, to allow the insertion of a big mixer, for a perfect emulsion

– Additional touch-screen thermostat to adjust the temperature of the glycol during the heating process

– Temperature reader,to record the pasteurization cycle, with Sit certificated probe, essential for the correct management of the HACCP system and for the IFS, BRC and ISO certifications

– Conical headed mill, for the production of oily pastes

– Tornado Pro for the mixtures homogenization up to 350 µm

– Timer for yogurt production

– Big size outlet tap for a direct connection to the packaging line.