Macchine Description

What is it?

It is a system dedicated to medium and big laboratories for the production of artisanal ice cream.
Mixture production
Once the ingredients as fresh or powdered milk, water, vegetable and animal fat, sugar, stabilizers and emulsifiers are inside the two boilers the pasteurization at 85° takes place. The mixer on top of the boiler will homogeneously disperse the powders.
Once the set temperature is reached, the mixture arrives to the homogenizer through a centrifugal pump. The homogenizer, with a 200bar pressure, shatters and reduces the molecules of the ingredients to obtain a perfect ice cream structure.
The mixture goes directly to the precooling section of the heat axchanger, where it goes up to 34°C. After that is goes into the maturation vats, where it will have to remain for ca 6 hours before being ready to be used for ice cream production. The necessary time to complete the pasteurization cycle is ca 2 hours, but since the system has 2 pasteurizers, it is possible to get a mixture volume which is equivalent to the capacity of one of the boilers per hour. In fact, while the boiling point is reached in the first boiler, the second one can be emptied, creating a continuos working cycle. .

How will it help you?

Homogenize will help you optimizing your final product: it improves its cohesion and palatability characteristics.

Models lt/h 200 340 400 500 600
Production per cycle lt 200 340 400 500 600
Cooling Acqua
Refrigerant R-452 A
Voltage V 400/Hz50/3
Nominal power KW 21 24 28 30 30
Dimensions WxDxH mm 860x1200x1250 950x1400x1400 1060x1400x1350 1060x1400x1550 1060x1400x1650

Quantity per cycle and hourly production may change according to the type of mixtures used; the “Max” values refer to the classic Italian spreadable homemade gelato.