BOVO machines awarded at Sigep 2024

This year too, we are excited to announce that, at Sigep in Rimini, two of the awards have been given to gelato produced with our BOVO machines!

First Place: Daniele Bellante – Marina di San Nicola Ladispoli Emerging gelato maker who followed to the letter the teachings of world granita champions, namely Alessandro and Vincenzo from Gelateria Orchidea. The Sicilian pistachio granita won the hearts of the judges, thanks to the winner’s talent and the impeccable performance of the BOVO machines.

Fifth Place: Yoshihiro Makino (sponsor in Japan of BOVO machines) Passion for excellence and quality, combined with the performance of BOVO machines, made this extraordinary Sicilian granita possible.

A big thank you to our fantastic partners and the team that made this triumph possible. We are honored to be part of such a creative and exciting industry. We will continue to work together to bring extraordinary flavors worldwide!

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