Our Transformation into Industry 4.0

The company BOVO is undergoing rapid technological innovation that will lead to significant advancements in production, resulting in the development of industrial automation and digitization.
This transformation has not only introduced new machinery to the company but has also fundamentally changed the organizational model, enabling greater efficiency, flexibility, and, above all, effectiveness.

New technologies allow us to connect people, things, machines, and systems to create intelligent networks throughout the entire production chain. Machines, systems, and sensors communicate with each other, share information, and autonomously control each other. This enables us to make production significantly more efficient, with greater flexibility in adapting production to consumer needs and market demands.

We are investing in transformation:

  • computer and information systems that allow detailed monitoring of systems;
  • monitoring of consumption to improve company performance with more ecological infrastructures;
  • machines completely interconnected, communicating with each other, performing self-diagnosis, and preventive maintenance.

Collecting real-time data, analyzing, and anticipating needs: in short, becoming smart factories, this is the only way for BOVO to maintain a relevant and competitive position in the increasingly complex and demanding global market of tomorrow.